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Mercy Hospital Bas Relief Dedication

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It was a beautiful event at Mercy Hospital when we dedicated and the Sisters of Mercy blessed this sculpture.  I hope this piece will be a blessing to many who see it and may it be an aid in healing for years to come.

They’re gonna put me in the movies!

I’m honored to be featured in the latest Artist Spotlight Series production by Once Films, an award-winning film company that is having a ball making artistic films about St. Louis artists and artisans.  This film will premier on Thursday, July 10th from 5:30-8 pm at the Urban Chestnut Brewery in the Grove.  It has been a tremendous amount of fun getting to watch these guys do what they do, which, ironically is watching me do what I do.



Mercy Hospital honoring Catherine McAuley

This piece is about to be installed and dedicated at Mercy Hospital in Saint Louis after nearly two years of research, concept drawings, meetings and then finally the sculpture!  The sculpture depicts the life and ministry of Catherine McAuley, founder of the Sisters of Mercy.  This piece illustrates 10 different vignettes from her life, all incorporated into one scene.  The  setting is Dublin in the 1830′s and the pivotal scene shows her as she welcomes a distressed young (and very pregnant) mother into her newly built home on fashionable Baggot St., where the mother would find help, hope, and hospitality.


A “Fixer-Upper”

I have noticed an influx of great Chinese artwork lately.  This was not one of them.  I was retained to see if I could fix this sculpture destined for Belfontaine Cemetery.  In looking over photos of it carefully, I determined there was still a good sculpture inside the original one and I took the challenge.  The client is quite happy with the results:)

A Barred Owl

Underway in my studio is a much larger than life sculpture of a barred owl, designed to go on a rooftop of a beautiful home outside of St. Louis.  The final piece will be cast in bronze.  The process will be periodically updated here:

Trip to Ireland and UK

Here’s a brief slideshow of a recent trip I took to Ireland and the UK.  I was there to do research for a commission for Mercy Hospital in which I will be telling the story of the life and ministry of Catherine McAuley who founded the Sisters of Mercy.  The research took me (and assistants, Justin Cissell and David Chappell) to Dublin to see the original House of Mercy. I was looking for specific architecture and artifacts to use as props in the scene I’ll be creating.  In addition to learning about 19th century Dublin and Catherine’s life, we spent quite a bit of time in some of the best galleries and museums of the world, studying some of the finest examples of sculpture.

An Introduction

There is so much to say regarding contemporary art practice and art theory.  I typically try to say it through the objects I create.  But sometimes a few choice words can help to cultivate a healthy art palate and restore credit where credit is due.  I’ll be periodically posting brief articles and reviews of noteworthy art news, interesting philosophy, and other miscellany from the point of view of a working artist.
Disclaimer:  It is much easier to be critical of what one sees than it is to create and create beautifully.  As I choose articles to write, I will naturally gravitate toward the easy targets and the goofy things that artists and purveyors of art do and say.  I will, however, endeavor to spend a greater amount of time speaking positively about work that is done well and with virtuous intentions.  In this way, I hope to avoid becoming a grouch, or cynic, or both.  And to be quite clear, there is a lot of praiseworthy art being created right now, and a groundswell in the number of artists fed up with the modernist and postmodernist trajectory of thought.

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