Commission an Artwork

Have you ever wanted to own an exquisite sculpture?  The process often begins with, “Abe, I have this spot in my (garden, office, home) that needs a special focal point.  I love your work and would you be interested in giving me some ideas of what would look good and what it would cost?”

From there, I take a look at the site, noting points-of-view, scale of space, lighting conditions, and particulars about the environment that would influence the selection of materials and techniques.  I take into account budget limitations and work within all those parameters to come up with a unique and personal work of art that honors the relationship that an artist has with a patron.

From individuals to businesses to municipalities, I love the process of working with clients to accomplish the highest form of art; bringing delight into the world of the viewer.  Please consider contacting me at to discuss your idea!

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