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a view of Ober Anderson Gallery with the sculpture “Monique” in the foreground. In the background from left to right are the works of Shawn Cornell, Lisa Ober, Shawn Cornell, and Bryan Haynes.

Wherever there is an artist and a buyer, there will be someone to help make the introduction.

Here I am in the beginning stages of taking my artwork to market.  The internet, along with current market forces, drastically changed the face of the commercial gallery business model and we’re all trying to figure out an efficient way to bring artist and patron together.  Galleries have and will have an important role in curating and cultivating great artists and savvy collectors, while serving as a trustworthy agent in managing a deal.   In the Saint Louis region, I am represented by Ober Anderson Gallery.

If you are a gallery or an artist representative outside of Saint Louis, you may contact to discuss possible representation.

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